Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where in the world is Keith Olbermann's Ego?

Where in the world is Keith Olbermann's Ego? Gone Fishing. Not that the ego Fishes, too much like manual labor for the likes of KO's massive ego. But you get the idea. Keith Olbermann's Ego has decided to take a vacation for the entire week. While I'm gone, please amuse yourselves by watching your Keith Olbermann videos. I know you people have them. And if you don't, then spend your time acquiring one. It's another one of those Laws for the Keith Olbermann fan which you must obey. Why? Because Keith Olbermann's Ego said so.


Amused said...

Fishing!?! After numerous viewings of your 1 minute of condensed special comments, I have a feeling you ran screaming to a "spa" (a.k.a. fat farm) to "sweat it out."

LK said...

If KO's ego were a fish it would be Moby Dick.