Friday, September 19, 2008

I Love Kos almost as much as I love me.

Because they let me blog there. And I get to respond to my critics just like I do on Countdown. And just so the haters will now,
"Since she (Rachel) started, my ratings are up 50-75%. It doesn't matter who has more on a given night. I'll be the one applauding loudest if she gets more every night.
Okay that last part? Totally a lie. Bitch better watch her step. She needs to recognize who's Alpha Dog, Sir MSKONBC, Lord of the Cable News Anchors and she better not forget it. and just in case she does, I'll blog again at Kos and explain what ratings really mean which is whatever I want them to. Got it?


marinara said...

The longer the post, the more an indication that KO is defensive, obfuscating, and maybe even lying.

Anonymous said...

So now the ego-maniac is taking credit for 2 shows success. Great just what we needed: more ego.

LK said...

LOL Marinara. You seem to have ole' Keith's number.