Thursday, September 11, 2008

Please stop asking me why

it's okay that MSNBC showed images of 9/11 today when I said 2 days ago that no responsible newsroom still showed those images anymore in my latest Special Comment. It's just is okay? And it is if I say it is and that's really all you need to know. Did I tell you that I got a really big raise from MSNBC? The two aren't connected I swear.


flowergirl said...

No "newsroom" did show it. It was MSNBC. And MSNBC doesn't show news all the time.
Cases in point; all those damn documentaries. And what got me to MSNBC in the first place was that they showed National Geographic Explorer way back when.
So it's really not a "news" place.

Disgusted with the Keith Apologists that Roam the Internets said...

And what pray tell is the difference between a "newsroom" and a network when said newsroom is owned by the network? After all, without that newsroom, there would be no news network. Furthermore, MSNBC replayed these images in "real time" as it happened during their regular news programming hours, not in their so-called documentary block hours. Moreover, they played them twice on Thursday, once during the morning and later in the overnight hours. MSNBC also bills themselves as the "place for politics". Yet the RNC was rapped for playing politics by showing the 9/11 tribute piece at their convention. So the self-entitled political network wasn't making a statement when they reaired, for the third year in row I might add, the 9/11 footage? Lady you ought to try your hand at selling the Brooklyn Bridge or Florida swampland. Or perhaps being Olbermann's PR Agent. God knows he could use a better one.

flowergirl said...

Oops. My point of view doesn't agree with your point of view.

MSNBC can spout all they want to about themselves being this or that but it doesn't change the facts. They're so far down on the totem pole of "news" that it's hard to even consider it anything but a channel full of documentaries and opinions.
All channels that show news claim they are one thing or another but that doesn't make it true.

As for Keith? I don't think he would want me to be his PR person.

Definitions are troublesome said...

Showing a documentary or three doesn't disqualify a network from being included as a news network which is certainly how MSNBC is billed, news, not opinion or documentary, right along with CNN and FNC. You can finesse the definition of what constitutes a news network and what does not but none of the three news networks are 100% news networks. If it walks and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.