Monday, September 8, 2008

Thank God. Gawker Gets It!

Gawker gets it.
So, MSNBC President Phil Griffin, be a fucking man for once and hold your ground against Zucker and NBC News President Steve Capus and even Original Blowhard Tom Brokaw (seriously, why did the act of "retiring" bestow respectability upon that hack?). If people wanted Brian Williams and David Gregory to cover everything quietly and politely they'd actually watch your evening news. Scarborough, Olbermann, Matthews, and Maddow are the best of cable this year, because of their unique ability to annoy the shit out of each other and also to generally know what the fuck they're talking about, which is basically unheard of on television, let alone cable news.


Donna said...

They just want Olbermann to have his Howard Beale moment live, on camera.

marinara said...

Yeah, this dude at Gawker gets it, but will anyone listen?

On the basis of what this man said, I predict that MSNBC will split off from NBC, and become it's own network, with Keith as its star and chief executive.