Monday, September 8, 2008

I really, really, really hate Jossip

How many ways do I hate Jossip? As high as I can count and that's a lot because I'm brilliant. Did you know I went to Cornell and that I graduated from high school when I was 16? Now you do if you didn't already. Where was I? Oh yeah, Jossip. Hate 'em. Really, really hate them. But this one is kinda making me laugh. Hee hee. The staff is pissed at my bitch Phil Griffin. Now they know how I feel.
MSNBC staffers didn't appreciate waking up this morning to read the latest company fumble in the New York Times instead of, say, a staff email or memo from topper Phil Griffin. That's just the latest in a string of complaints reaching us from across NBC News' bureaus following the revelation that Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews would no longer be manning the anchor chair during hard news events; instead, they'll once again return to the pundit circle. Part of the announcement was that David Gregory would be playing center square, turning to O+M for their analysis while he moderates the hard news during the presidential debates and election night returns. And that's the other sticking point for NBC News staffers: Nobody wants Gregory in that role, according the temperature our sources have taken inside the network. "The Phil [Griffin] management style has infuriated people who aren't even fans of Olbermann," says one spy. Gregory's own 6pm Race To The White House has been a ratings dud, and while Olbermann and Matthews have kept MSNBC's ratings alive, many fear Gregory will tank that progress. Staffers are cheering for the home team, but find it hard when the guy making the calls is Griffin.
Phil was never actually making the calls. I was. I run the network. I own the network. I AM the network. Why can't people just accept that and move on? But at least they hate Gregory as much as I do. Hee hee.

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