Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tom Brokaw: Idiot

So at last Tom Brokaw admits that he had me canned reassigned.
In an interview...Mr. Brokaw said..he had “advocated” within the executive suite of NBC News to modify the anchor duties of the MSNBC hosts Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews on election night and on nights when there were presidential debates. Their expressions of strong political opinions from the MSNBC anchor desk has run counter to the more traditional role Mr. Brokaw played on “NBC Nightly News” for more than two decades.
See this is the problem with Tom "Idiot" Brokaw right there. He's trying to hold onto a model that is over 20 years old (as opposed to holding onto a 20-year old model which is a totally different thing). No less than Phil Griffin, the president of MSNBC called Countdown a model for the newscast of the future. I'm hip and happening baby! Tom is not. 'Nuff said.
“Keith is an articulate guy who writes well and doesn’t make his arguments in a ‘So’s your old mother’ kind of way,” Mr. Brokaw said. “The mistake was to think he could fill both roles. The other mistake was to think he wouldn’t be tempted to use the anchor position to engage in commentary. That’s who he is.”
And people love me for it Tom. You still don't get it.
Mr. Brokaw is 68 now, and the strain of a frenetic travel and work schedule appears to show in ways it did not before. At times on “Meet the Press” or on “Today” in recent weeks, Mr. Brokaw’s eyes have appeared to be mere slits and he has seemed short of breath. “My daughters will say I look tired,” he said. Asked if he was exhausted, he said: “Yeah, a little bit. Who wouldn’t be?”
See? Tom Brokaw is old. He doesn't understand the world of television news today. I do. And I am the future of television news. And that's why I am loved, adored, and worshiped. As it should be. the kids love me. Tom Brokaw isn't smart enough to get the greatness that is Keith Olbermann's Massive Ego. Tom do yourself a favor and go back to Idaho or Wyoming or Nebraska or wherever it is that you have your little log cabin Tom and retire already. We here at MSKONBC will do just fine without you.


flowergirl said...

Well, good for Tom Brokaw. He's right.

LK said...

Interesting read. Keith may run MSNBC but apparently Brokaw is now the chief elder of the NBC-MSNBC tribe.

marinara said...

Keith, you have got to get rid of Brokaw! Don't let him die at the studio, in front of everyone. That would make him a martyr! Just get your bitch, Capus, to retire him. He's bad for business.