Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Money can't buy happiness

and really who wants to be happy anyway? It's all about pain relief people. And what eases the pain best of all? A raise.


marinara said...

The execs knew all these rumors would be flying around. The raise is to make it look like the rumors aren't true.

"See, we're not mad at him, we gave him more money!"

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Exactomundo Marinara! See, they understand me. And of course, it's a given that they love me. So by bumping up my raise they don't piss me off because that is never, ever a good idea when stupid employers have done that to me in the past. It was never a good move on their part. But NBC gets me. And most importantly? I can now brag endlessly about how much I make and how much everyone else does not. Life is still good my friends. And by friends, I mean adoring fans.

flowergirl said...

I wonder if Morgan Stanley is a shareholder.