Saturday, September 13, 2008

Seriously. Enough.

I don't know whether Keith Olbermann's Immense Ego should be happy or upset that people are continuing to write about me. Okay, fine. I can't fool my faithful readers can I? You know me. The "real" me. And God knows I love some attention. Any kind of attention. Even when it's this kind.
Don't trust anybody, especially if they agree with you, because sooner or later, they'll let you down. They'll make your brain bleed and your intestines burn with embarrassment, kind of like when you carry a torch for that special girl, only to discover she's out of reach. I'm feeling that discomfort and embarrassment after watching Keith Olbermann the past month. His politics are fine, but his credibility is in the toilet.
You know what embarasses me? This guy's writing style. And that brain bleed buddy is obviously what's causing your intense lack of intelligent thought in this stupid article you wrote which is absolutely pointless. Got it? Pointless. My credibility is beyond reproach. How dare this idiot suggest otherwise. There's more contrived crap there written by this dweeb but really, don't bother reading it. It's not worth your time. Or my attention. Even if it is about me, which as I'll freely admit, I do enjoy seeing my name in print or on the internets. Now I'm totally down with the fine suggestion of Broadcasting & Cable who has come up with the novel suggestion of completely seperating MSNBC from NBC. I've already come up with that suggestion myself. I run the network after all, they might as well rename it after me: KONBC. Is that great or what?


marinara said...

The comment I posted in the other thread, I actually meant to post here. But I'm still a genius, ok? Equal to Keith's genius.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Sorry Marinara, while I agree my fans are geniuses because of their love and admiration of the genius that is me, no one's genius is as smart as my genius. It's part of what makes me, me after all.