Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This better not be a trend.

So I'm not liking the looks of this. I gave her that show and she better not forget it. More importantly, she needs to make sure that this doesn't become a regular occurrence. Oh sure I can and will take complete credit for her success but I just don't want her doing better than me. Or then it will be RMNBC not KONBC and I have a real problem with that.


marinara said...

Rachel is more honest about her leanings than you, Keith. And she does not engage in all the histrionics that you do. Sort of refreshing, that.

It's also good to see her have guests on who disagree with her, that she can have an intelligent conversation with, without telling them to "wrap it up" or "get a shovel".

flowergirl said...

I've gotten the chance to see some of her show and she's really good.
And you're right. She will have on opposing points of view.
Unlike someone who can't stand it when someone else disagrees with him.

Anonymous said...

Maddow is so much better than KO because she's smarter than he is about politics. and she seems to thrive off having debates something he does not.