Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time to Banish Morning Joe

WTF? "Good things happen to GOOD people?" What the hell does that slimeball Scarborough mean by that little cutting comment? I'm not only good, I'm great. I'm the greatest anchorman in the history of MSNBC the world. Oh. They weren't talking about that kind of great. They were literally talking about being a good person. Who the hell cares about that kind of crap? What matters is greatness, not goodness and I am greatness personified. And so what if the little morning Joe folks just think Rachel is adorable. Now you know why I called Scarborough on his shoveling for McLame because he's totally full of it. How does that make me a bad person for pointing out that he's a bullshit artist? Dont these idiots understand I run own KONBC? Decisions. Decisions. Where can I banish these no-talent idiots to? You'd think morning on MSNBC would be banishment enough for them. Losers.

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Anonymous said...

They didn't say a word about him did they? Sometimes it's what you don't say and in this instance it's safe to say that there is zero love lost between KO and JS.