Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh that Time Magazine.

Such a kidder. Actually these comments were from one of Time's readers, but still. They mock me. Kinda. I did like the part where they mocked the rest of the NBC-MSNBC crew though. Kinda.
Each candidate will play it safe, trot out a new zinger or catch phrase or two, McCain will declare that 'we're winning, my friends!" forty or fifty times. Tom Brokaw will declare that McCain reassured Americans that he is still "the old fighter pilot". Keith Olbermann will push Brokaw's buttons, Chris Matthews will wander off into the rhetorical weeds and stop just short of saying that McCain is unfit to be president, and cross the line of saying "regular white Americans" still feel they don't know Barack Obama. Pat Buchanan will declare in muted, coded semi-shrieks that the Negroes are coming, and Rachel Maddow will point out, too subtly for anyone in the studio but Olberman to catch, that Paddy B is deranged racist.

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