Monday, September 8, 2008

What does the Columbia Journalism Review Know about Journalism Anyway?

What of viewers? How will what looks like a neat and tidy (re)adjustment from MSNBC’s point of view (ok, “experiment” over, back to one head, one hat around here — and for Matthews and Olbermann, that’s the analyst hat, not the anchor/straight news hat) translate for viewers? Will confusion persist? Will viewers even notice, if they’re still getting “analysis” from Olbermann and Matthews alongside “straight reporting” from Gregory? Once blurred, can “the line” really be un-blurred?
Didn't they get the quotes I gave to the NYT and the Washington Post about this? It was all my idea. Idiots. They lack even simple reading comprehension skills.

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Donna said...

About as much as you know about Journalism apparently.