Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bill Maher offends me.

Sure Bill and I both went to Cornell. Of course we have a certain segment of cross-over fans (although they love and adore me more. Why wouldn't they? I am of course, me after all). But to suggest that I want to have sex with Obama is insulting (Sorry for the link to Newsbusters. Can't find the video anywhere else). Mr. Maher is just mistaken. First of all, I would never, ever do a three-way with Chris Matthews. That's just wrong on some many different levels that I won't even go there (and I really would not go there ever. I don't even want to sit next to him do you think I'd want to go any further than that?) And secondly Bill has it all wrong. If anyone wanted to have sex with anyone it would be that the Big O would want me because I'm me, Keith Olbermann. How dare Bill suggest it's the other way around? Bill Maher, today's WPITW.


Donna said...

Keith, Keith, Keith. Even Maher thinks you've jumped the shark.

flowergirl said...

He's done more than that.

He's made Obama's bed and is lying in it with him.
He tucks him in at night and tells him a bedtime story.
He then sings him a lullaby until they both fall asleep.

But he'll never admit it.