Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Plan is Working

I love it. Look-the Wall Street Journal has written about my favorite subject: me! Sure it's about the on-air squabbling all of the MSNBC anchors have done this week with one another but who cares-it's free press. For ME! And yep--there's my bitch Phil Griffin apologizing for me once again. I have to say this is better than most of Phil's statements. And you know why? I wrote it for him. Seriously, the man is not that bright. It's why I'm able to run completely over him.
The network's chief played down the acrimony. "Look, I want honest, authentic people on our air. I don't want phonies. So if the price of that is every once in a while one of these bubbles up, I'm not concerned," said MSNBC President Phil Griffin. "Like any good manager, I give and I take and I massage and I deal with it," he added, "but the fact of the matter is this is what we want: a diverse, fun, rough-and-tumble look at politics."
I could have done without the WSJ referring to him as the network's "chief". That's me people, not my bitch Phil.
The changes have made a star of the liberal firebrand Mr. Olbermann and left several news people feeling marginalized, including Messrs. Scarborough and Matthews and former General Manager Dan Abrams, people familiar with the situation said. An MSNBC representative declined to make the on-air personalities available for comment.
The WSJ, a Rupert Murdoch owned rag called me a star! Suck that Bill-O! And re the rest of the MSNBCers feeling "marginalized"? HA! That's part of my plan idiots! And here's Variety writing about me too!
"Look, it happens," Griffin said. "Everyone is working hard here, and people are passionate about their feelings, and this is the rough-and-tumble world of politics." He said he'd prefer if staff didn't have fights on air, "but it wasn't the first time and probably won't be the last. The main thing is, this does not define us. Don't make more of this than it is." Griffin emphasized a distinction between talent having a point of view -- which he seeks for certain programs -- and the network having a point of view. "We as a network do not have a point of view," he said.
Say what Phil? See what happens when I let him off his leash? Of course we have a point of view: MINE! Bad Phil. Very bad. I'll use the NY Post later to beat you with. The best line in this article? This one:
Ultimately, Scarborough may have to leave the channel
Part of the plan people. Part of the plan. Hell this is working so well I got internationalpress! Kudos to The Nation for calling us the Real World Denver.
What happens when overpaid media personalities stop being polite--and start getting real....
Overpaid? Well I do take exception to THAT. And finally, McClatchy news service had yet another prescient (you know I love to throw around big words) this about the fate of one Joe Scarborough:
Anybody want to lay odds on who'll go after Scarborough next? As MSNBC increasingly brands itself as the lefty alternative in cable news, Scarborough looks out of place. Unless you think of him as a pinata.
I loveit!


Donna said...

Griffin massages? I think he's jacking Olbermann off.

Anonymous said...

I can't recall seeing another network fight like this on air ever. It's really sad actually.