Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jossip. Again.

This idiot really hates me. Again with the anonymous sources. Remember the Olbermann commandment #1? Don't believe unnamed sources? Keep that in mind when you read this drivel.
"We've spoke to a number of 30 Rock staffers in Denver, New York, and Washington — some of whom thought it more productive to speak to us than attend to the on-going live DNC coverage — and the common wisdom is: 1) Nobody can believe how much Keith Olbermann is getting away with, even if he does draw ratings; 2) As an Olbermann protege, Rachel Maddow is attracting negative feelings from staffers, since she stays mum on many of these catfights, but "there's still time" to represent; 3) MSNBC head Phil Griffin is alienating staffers by publicly defending Olbermann while privately bashing him, and it's left many wondering when that will leak (oops); 4) MSNBC publicist Jeremy Gaines appears increasing stressed out and can be seen "shaking" with a phone attached to his ear dealing with reporters; 5) You don't want to run into Chris Matthews anytime soon, especially en route to the bathroom, because he has zero pleasant things to say right now; 6) Joe Scarborough is definitely stressed, but he's managed to calm down a bit today and can be seen laughing and gabbing; 7) None of this is helping ratings, with MSNBC scoring the lowest numbers against Fox News and CNN.
I refuse to dignify any of that with a comment. Got it?
Nobody, including all of MSNBC, believes Phil Griffin when he says "MSNBC does not have an ideology. Says one veteran off-camera staffer: "Bullshit … It's a total farce."
How can you believe a guy who can't even use good grammar?


Donna said...

He specifically stated Jossip to be a Post repeating liar yesterday at Kos along with Radar and some other site. But these guys at TV Newser and Jossip used to work at MSNBC. I'm sure they both have good contacts at the network. Anyway the on-air squabbles show that something isn't right there and that most of it centers around Keith and his out of control ego.

Anonymous said...

The idea that MSNBC isn't slanting left is ridiculous. Keith is blogging on Kos for Christssake!

marinara said...

I see he is all over D/Kos today, trying to defend himself, without addressing any specific incidents. If he were innocent of all these allegations, he would be doing at least that.

He said in one post, "This rumor started by people trying to get you to not watch MSNBC, just like the rumors of blow-ups and fights and all the rest." Don't you think this would cause more people to watch, not less?

And that very post, in a diary titled "An Open Letter To Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow", has been deleted. Possibly because Keith called it 'trollery'. Geez.

Donna said...

But these fights have been seen on air, live by millions. How do you refute something people have seen with their own eyes? Is that like the husband whose wife catches him with another woman who then tells his wife "Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes"?

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Ssshhhh Marinara. The Kos crowd aren't the brightest lights in the hall if you know what I mean. Yeah sure they are good for unlimited love and devotion but they are so under my spell that I could tell them Obama was evil this very moment and they'd all vote for McCain tomorrow. Truly, I am a god among men. Where was I? Oh yeah, common sense. Of course controversy should breed better ratings. That's not working since our ratings have sucked ass this week. And why would a rival network spread rumors so people would watch us more? Oh right, in an evil attempt to undermine me and my greatness. Well it won't work with my kos folks. They love me and I love them. Just so long as they don't ask too many questions. And if they do? I have their diaries removed from Kos. I'm brilliant aren't I?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Keith and Rachel get into an onair fight just to see what side the fan base would cheer for.