Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bigger than the Beatles.

Who were bigger than God. Do I really need to say more? Love the Times. Just Love Them.
With Election Day two months away, Olbermann said he was not worried about Obama and John McCain taking control of his heart and mind. He said: “The key thing is that half the season, plus the playoffs, is after the election. So it’ll get a little busy until the games, of, what Nov. 9? After that I start taking a lot of Fridays off. He added, “Plus, they got me this assistant guy, Dan What’s-His-Name.”
Dan thinks I was kidding with that quote. I wasn't. Seriously I wasn't. Dan free up some time around December okay? I've got some Christmas Shopping I need you to do.
Olbermann said, “On the radio show, I literally could walk in at 2 p.m., talk to him for 30 seconds about where he wanted to go in terms of topics, and we’d do our best work.” He added, “The only true effort is opening our mouths.”
Really I never prepare. I'm busy on Ebay dammit. Do you think I've got time to prepare for a stupid one-hour radio show? I was literally phoning it in. I'm not working any extra time that I don't have to.
“All I told Dick,” Patrick said, referring to Dick Ebersol, the chairman of NBC Sports, “is just leave our mics open. Leave everybody’s mics open, and if something strikes Tiki or Bob or Cris or Jerome; if you see something, say something.”
Yeah Dan. About that. I'm making an executive ruling here (and I do indeed rule. Don't forget it.) that there will be no open mikes at FNIA. That didn't work out so great for me or MSNBC at the DNC.

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Donna B said...

That remains to be seen Keith. I get it mid-season until Patrick leans over and punches you one.