Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You know why I love Daily Kos?

Because they'll believe anything I tell them without even thinking about it. God I love the comments there. Look at the love and adoration they heap upon me. And not one of them even thinks to ask this question: why do I deny the Brokaw story but don't deny the stories about my having Abrams, Tucker Carlson, and Scarborough (he's next) booted. You know why I don't mention it? Yeah, you know. And I know. But the Kossacks? They just don't. So let's just keep that little secret between you and me okay?

Oh and one more thing? Sometimes when I deny something it's in direct proportion to how true it actually happens to be. And if Brokaw were smart he'd watch his back. See that big ole' pat I just gave him? Look close and you'll see a knife carefully hidden in my hand. Death by a thousand cuts and all that.


marinara said...

I tried to bring up that very point this morning, but my fucking internet went down!

flowergirl said...

There's no doubt in my mind that Keith carries many knives.

Those people believe him because he's a celebrity and he's there talking to them. Period.
As long as he keeps telling them what they want to hear, whether he believes it himself or not, he will get all the love he could have ever wanted.
He can't get this kind of love anywhere else.

It's not news that Keith has a past full of enemies and, now, is working very diligently on a future full of enemies.
But for some reason he feels the need to go into this future with a group of people, he doesn't even know, and create this fantasy world for himself.

This is a new role for him and he's playing it for all it's worth. But in the end, the worth is all for him and not for them.

marinara said...

I watched the Dem convention most of this evening. As expected, Keith once again chickened out on interviewing random people from the crowd, leaving Matthews to do it instead.

Donna said...

Keith isn't friendly to people who approach him. I was in the crowd in 2004 in NYC and he wouldn't even make eye contact with people who were clearly his fans.

Anonymous said...

How can Phil Griffin say with a straight face that MSNBC has no bias when Keith is blogging at Kos. I love Kos and I (used to) love Keith but he's just becoming intolerable because of all of this.