Saturday, August 23, 2008


And I'm not talking about John Denver here either. Why couldn't I have just covered this from NYC? It's not like anything is actually going to happen there. We know it's Obama-Biden. Big deal. Why don't they throw parties in MY honor instead? I'm responsible after all for bringing Democracy back to America and making MSNBC #1. Hate Denver the city and the singer. No, never actually been to Denver but how great could it possibly be? NYC and LA are the only two cities that count because those are the only cities on this earth big enough to contain Me.


Donna said...

Where did Keith go yesterday? He was on with Chris Matthews before Biden's speech and then right afterwards but then he just vanished. They had been promoting a special edition of Countdown at 8pm but it was Hardball instead. Was he sick?

ClancyFan said...

Probably pretending to be sick so he won't have to go to Denver.

flowergirl said...

Call me a dweeb but I liked John Denver. Some of his songs were a bit weiniefied but I still enjoyed them.

Anyway, I believe Keith was up kind of late waiting for his text message. Didn't he look really tired?
And I read on DU that he had gotten on MSNBC late, so he probably didn't get much sleep.
I know, it sounds like I'm defending him but I didn't miss him not doing Countdown.
In fact, it didn't bother me at all.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Just between you and me? I like John Denver too but let's face it, my key demo audience has no idea who the hell he is so I have to be hip and happening and use references they'll get. John Denver ain't it.