Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm not exactly thrilled with you either "Annie"

So this angry person writes this blog entry about me. And she actually claims to remember, word-for-word, our entire exchange when she ran into me near 30 Rock. I have no problem with her writing about me but where's the love? Where's the fawning? I need that dammit. I'm used to abuse by the GOPers; I live to make them hate me but my own liberal brethren or sisteren(real word? it is now). That's beyond the pale.

He was nervous and nerdy, hands in his pockets the whole time, he really seemed like a hollow fool. i was actually very surprised, i thought he had more than this.
Look babe, I have to save something for the show. You can't possibly expect me to waste my brilliance and wit on some chick I meet on the street.

Ok, what is with the hillary hate.I don't hate her.
gimme a break. what is your problem with her, just tell me.
i don't hate her, i hate her policies and tactics
See how angry this woman was? I love the Clintons. They invite me to parties. Hillary's mom loves me-although I kinda doubt I'll ever get another invitation to one of their parties again after this primary season no matter how many checks I write to the Clinton foundation, but still, once upon a time they loved me. And I thank you to remember that for the future, okay "Annie"?

her policies? Obama is to the right of her!
he's moving to the middle because he's trying to win!
the middle?! he agrees with alito and scalia on the death penalty, he actually wants *more* death penalties, what kind of policy is that? Now he's against affirmative action...well he's trying to winwell not only did he vote yay on fisa, but now at&t is sponsoring the convention. that's ok with you?
well, i was very mad about his vote on fisa.

See how pissed this woman was because I chose to back Obama and not her best bud Hillary? Look what was I supposed to do? Obama was going to win the nomination. And I had to back the winner dammit! And oh boy do I know about FISA. Those people at Kos nailed me to the wall on that one and I had to do a special comment and all of that because they did. They act like I owe them something because I blog on their damn site. Don't they know that it's all about me and not them? I'm there to plug my show and receive love, what don't they get about that? Anyway--don't remind me about FISA, Obama, and Daily Kos ever again okay? And by all means, don't point out the obvious to me here. If I hate Hillary's policies and tactics what else is there to actually like about her? Thank God this woman wasn't bright enough to follow through on that statement!

There's more there. She tried to make me feel bad because Hillary lost the nomination. Yada yada yada. Blah blah blah. Whatever chick.

But then she has the nerve to write this about me on her damned blog:
The entire time, NO INTELLECTUAL RESPONSE WHAT-SO-EVER. NONE. NADA. ZILCH. Nothing new, just anything that some uninformed kid on the street would say. WOW. He was very nice, but i was blown away by how lame his responses were. amazing. He even at one point mentioned that he was called a misogynist, as if he couldn't understand why! wow. Maybe he didn't think suggesting someone should kill Sen. Clinton, hatred. *shrug*.

Hey! I was polite to you so what's the problem? So I'm not the genius you thought I was? Sue me. I have a lot on my mind. Baseball. Chicks. Got it?

And I only mentioned the misogynist thing because it really hurts. You know why? This. Fifty damn thousand hits about me being a misogynist. I love women. Come on. I love them! I even live with one. And she's 23! See how much women love me? And why wouldn't they? I'm Keith Fucking Olbermann! Respect woman! Show me some respect! No love from this angry "Annie" that's for sure. Oh well who needs her? America loves me. women love me (really they do) and that's all I need. Attention and love.


Get a life said...

I know who you are and I'm going to start a blog about you if you don't stop doing this to Keith.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Promises, promises. The irony is rich here, a blog about a blog about Keith Olbermann's ego? Bring it on baby. Because I loves me some me.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Readers, you have to excuse some of my fans. They just love me so much that they actually want to defend me from well, me.

Paul said...

Come on Keith admit you ran like a scared little school girl when this PUMA attacked you.

flowergirl said...

I'm surprised he stuck around long enough for that.

marinara said...

Nice find on Annie's blog post, KOE.

And "get a life?" Do you know how dumb it would sound to start a blog for the sole purpose of defending Keith's "reputation"?

It really is like KOE says. You can only defend Keith from his ego. Please, spare us.