Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New add to the enemies list: CJR

What do these guys know about journalism anyway? Merely putting the word "journalism" in your title doesn't mean you know jack about the profession. I mean come on, Faux claims to be a "news" network but we all know they are the house organ for the GOP.

That’s right, kids: last night was Special Comment night on Countdown. A little bit Murrow, a little bit O’Reilly; a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll—and always filled with vitriol. Olbermann’s performance, this time around, was particularly melodramatic: as the former sports reporter swooped and spun (again, rhetorically) while railing against the “immaturity” of the GOP’s presumptive nominee, he indulged in even more Dramatic Sighs and Angered Shakes of the Head than usual. Quite the floor routine.

Okay I'm cool with the Murrow comparison. And yes, I do owe Bill-O a little something (like a guaranteed 3-5 minutes of my show devoted to him per night), but I've never liked country music. Rock and roll? Damn straight baby. I'm the Elvis of Anchormen! (What? I need a younger reference for my 25 and unders?) Okay scratch Elvis, uhm--Bono. I'm the Bono of newsanchors minus the weird sunglasses and the Irish accent. But come on, questioning my vitriol? I'm angry dammit! I'm angry at the last 8 years of this country under GOP oppression. My audience is angry too and I'm just saying what they would if they had a tv newscast. Melodramatic? It's called TV! You have to grab the audience by their balls (or other assorted genitalia) to get their attention. Swooped and spun? Yes, it's called camera blocking. All actorsanchors do it! I doubt this joker has ever even watched a local newscast let alone a nationwide, huge-hit like Countdown. "Indulged in Dramatic sighs and Angered Shakes of the Head?" Again, I'm angry. I'm expressing my anger. What's wrong with that buddy boy?
So while Olbermann, as he generally does, bolstered his bloviations with solid reporting…the whole thing was ultimately more circus than ceremony. And one lacking in, among other things, sportsmanship.
Sportsmanship? There is no sportsmanship in politics idiot. Circus? Ceremony? No, it's called news. And I'm the Murrow of the 21st Century. The NY Times said so. CJR? Who reads that crap? And trust me, this so-called review is all crap.


flowergirl said...

Actually I believe Keith has stated before that he likes country music. He claims he doesn't know much about rock and roll, which is a lie, of course.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Let's be quiet about the country music thing okay? Out with Willie & Waylon and in with Patti Smith and Old School Punk. So much better for my new Upper East Side image don't you think?

flowergirl said...

Oh yeah, shhhhh. It was just that easy to forget Patti Smith.
I certainly don't want to tarnish Keith's image now.

Donna said...

Whether Keith realizes it or not there seems to be a growing backlash against him. One too many special comments? One too many Kos columns? Who knows but when people at CJR and Conde Nast begin to call you out, maybe it's time to dial back the rhetoric a notch or three, don't you think?

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

They are idiots. They refuse to worship at my altar. I can't have that kind of thing. They should be more like Huffington Post who refused to run a piece critical of me. My fans love me there.