Saturday, August 16, 2008

Next on my list? This guy from the NY Observer

So this "Steve" person at the NY Observer decided to correct me in public. Big mistake. Big. Big. Big Mistake. Huge in fact. Never, ever, do you hear me correct me in public. If I make a mistake dammit then it's your responsibility as a so-called journalist to back-me up, not correct me, got it?

If I say, and I did,
Warner's rising star might actually dim the VP chances for Virginia's current governor, Tim Kaine on this simple theory. Warner speaks on Tuesday night, the vice presidential candidate makes his acceptance speech on Wednesday night. It is unlikely that out of the universe of possible speakers, two Virginia governors would be scheduled for major speeches on successive convention nights.
then that's the way it's going to be okay? (Note to self: Call the Obama campaign immediately and make sure they're on the same page with me so I make this guy out to be a punk loser for correcting me.)

But what does this idiot do? He decides to "school" me with some alleged facts. So not cool "Steve".
Here’s the problem with this thinking: It’s surprisingly common at conventions for the keynote speaker and the V.P. nominee to hail from the same state. Like in:

* 1984, when New York Governor Mario Cuomo delivered the keynote address that made him famous, followed a few nights later by the vice-presidential acceptance speech of New York Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro. Hell, Cuomo and Ferraro didn’t just share a home state – they came from the same borough.

* 1988, when Texas state Treasurer Ann Richards keynoted the Democratic convention in Atlanta – where fellow Texan Lloyd Bentsen was subsequently nominated for vice president.

* 1996, when Staten Island’s own Susan Molinari was Bob Dole’s handpicked keynote speaker at the Republican convention in San Diego, just as Molinari’s fellow New Yorker, former Rep. and H.U.D. Secretary Jack Kemp, was Dole V.P. choice.

* And while it’s not technically the same, it’s worth noting that Al Gore saw not problems in 2000 when, as the Democrats’ presidential nominee, he asked his fellow Tennessean Harold Ford Jr. to deliver the keynote address.
As Homer Simpson would say, "D'oh!" Look do you think I have time to go and look up little things like facts? Hell no! I've got "Annie from NY" on my ass waiting to pounce on me like a PUMA outside of 30 Rock, I've got a 20-something girlfriend (insert obligatory reference to live-in here) to support, not to mention my blogging duties at Kos. There are only so many hours in the day pal and I don't have time to do research. And my staff? They're busy running my personal errands. I'm so busy I don't even have time to reimburse them when they make expenses on my behalf-and this putz thinks I've got time to go look up something boring like who gave a damn keynote on which night in 1984 when my girlfriend wasn't even born yet? Clearly "Steve" wasn't thinking of me, Keith Olbermann, and the many demands on my time when he penned (typed) this missive.

And to add insult to injuring my bruised ego he adds this little paragraph at the end of his loser piece
I agree with the consensus that has emerged in the media: Kaine is unlikely to be Obama’s running-mate. He lacks any meaningful national security and foreign policy experience and his resume as an elected official is about as thin as Obama’s. But there's really no reason to assume that the selection of one Virginian automatically excludes another. Especially when you consider that this year’s keynote address will almost certainly be overshadowed by a certain junior senator from New York.
WTF? So why bother to even write this column if you were going to contradict yourself and admit that I was right? (And I'm always right, got it)? Loser.

So add this guy to my list along with Matthews, Maddow, assorted ex-girlfriends, Rupert Murdoch, Page Six, and my arch-nemesis, O'Reilly. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate that guy?


TDR said...

Even I have to admit this is some funny shit and I love Keith.

Anonymous said...

I wish Keith would stop blogging at Kos and go back to writing his own blogs at There he could write about baseball or whatever at Kos it's all politics.

flowergirl said...

Does he moderate the comments on Kos when he blogs there? If not, that may be a huge factor.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

The rumor is that I can delete posts I don't like. But everyone loves me there so it's not a problem.

marinara said...

He's never deleted any of mine, and I have not been kind the few times I've posted on one of his threads. He was given some sort of 'super status' when he registered, and so can give a troll rating to anyone, anytime. Don't think he's done that yet. I'm not sure he is able to delete any posts. If he did, the deleted person would make a big stink, and Keith would be embarrassed in front of all his little sycophants.